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Captain Drake Makes Learning To Fly Both Fun And Affordable!

Welcome to Captain Drake’s Family Aerial Adventures! We are a place where people who have a love of flying can come to explore their passion. We all want to fly because it’s fun! We want that feeling of freedom to spread our wings, leave the earth and explore the world from a birds eye view.

Everyone involved with Captain Drake’s shares that passion. We love to fly, we love aircraft and we love to explore. But most of all we greatly enjoy sharing or time with other like minded folks.

Unfortunately, there is something of a dark side to flying – it’s expensive! So much so that many of us could never realize our dream because we just couldn’t afford it.

But there is good news! With the FAA’s recent introduction of the new Sport Pilot rules, the cost of learning to fly has been decreased dramatically. Captain Drake’s has embraced these new rules so that we may provide you with quality flight instruction at an affordable price.

We take this even further by striving to make your learning experience FUN! Learning to fly can be an positive experience and a memory that will last a lifetime. All of Captain Drake’s instructors are here because they truely love to instruct and believe that reflects in the quality of their instruction.

The skills that are needed to obtain a Sports Pilot’s certificate are taught here at Captain Drake’s in a manner that is more like an adventure and less like a classroom. You’ll explore the adventure of flight as it was meant to be – by doing things a pilot can do! How about brunch at the beach, or a scenic jaunt out to the majestic Columbia Gorge to tour around Crown Point and viewing its waterfalls from the air? These things – and more – you will experience as a student of Captain Drake’s Family Aerial Adventures!

Try one of our Introductory Flights Lesson today and see for yourself how fun and amazing it is to fly!