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N51DV (AKA “Delta Victor”)

One of the core parts in any flight school is a good sturdy airplane. Most schools have their selection of planes, from trusty old Cessna 152’s, 172’s and Piper Tomahawk’s to the more modern Cessna 162’s and CarbonCubs. All of these are great airplanes in their own right but I was looking for something special.

Many planes dont meet the light sport requirements, limiting my choices to a very few selection of older, well established models and to a rapidly increasing selection of brand new, but extremely expensive designs. What I wanted was something safe, fun to fly and also economical. As luck would have it, a well proven design called the ERCO Ercoupe happened to fall into the Light Sport Category. It also happens to be one of the safest airplanes in the sky and a real joy to fly!

So back in 2012, I began my search for the perfect ‘coupe’. The Ercoupe has always enjoyed a strong following but with the new Light Sport rules, it has garnered much renewed interest as one of the few established designs to meet Light Sport criteria without a $100,000+ price tag.

In May 2012 I found one, N51DV for sale near Los Angeles California. It fit Captain Drake’s needs exactly and promised to be the ideal trainer. My friend and fellow pilot, Captain Steve and I flew down to LA to make the deal. We bought it and had a wonderful adventure flying it back up to Illinois Valley.

The trip showed that good ol’ Delta Victor was in some need of some TLC. So instead if putting her to work immediately training future Light Sport pilots, she got a major overhaul. Nearly a year passed as her worn pieces were replaced, checked and made safe. She even got a stunning new paint job and looks better than ever!

Come down to Captain Drake’s Family Aerial Adventures and take a flight in N51DV today and see for yourself the true joy of flying!